Color and win!

Win a Bank by coloring pixels! Compete online with your friends or the community in this frantic crypto-game: Paint the pixels with different colors; take a moment to become the last artist or participate in painting the field in one color to win thousands of Ethereum’s from the banks!
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Who is winning?

If the entire field is colored with one color and your pixel is the last – you get the Color Bank!
No matter what colors the field is colored over. If your pixel is the last colored for more than 20 minutes – you get the Time Bank!
You still get a share of the Color Bank if your color is the winning field color and the Time Bank if you are one of the last 100 to play a pixel
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Last Pixel is open source project. All game logic is implemented on smart contracts that have been audited
This site is an interface for interacting with the Ethereum contract. The source code is open and available at this link.
* 50% of the bank is distributed among the last 100 players who used the winning color. The amount is determined in proportion to the number of bets.